Welcome to Saint Paul, Kindred.

The city, She isn’t what she once was. No, she’s better now.

Now that we’re free.

August 1st, 2007. The bridge between Minneapolis and St. Paul suddenly collapses in a catastrophic explosion. Later that evening, explosions rock St. Paul, obliterating the Ordway theater, the St. Paul Cathedral, and the Como zoo conservatory. The media pens it as the worst terrorist attack in Minnesota, but the truth is it was not a terrorist attack, but a targeted assassination. Kindred met their final end that night, important kindred. The Prince of St Paul, Prince Allsun, died screaming, surrounded by his burning cronies. The Bishop Foucault melted in agony, clutching his tattered copy of Longinus. The Dark Lady, Hierophant of the Crone, was blasted into dust while leading a peace chant.

The Man responsible calls himself Lash. He and the two others in his coterie, Mr. Strong and Sly Phil, orchestrated one of the greatest mass murders of kindred in North America. Why?
It’s simple: To be free. The Invictus is oppressive and archaic. The Sanctum dogmatic and sanctimonious. All covenants, in fact, serve only the powerful in Lash’s eyes. And if there is going to be change, well, it might as well start with him. And he likes to make statements. Big statements.

Saint Paul Stories Is about what happens when there’s no one to hold the leash: No regents, no covenants (at least in the open), no power structure. Just you, and any fellow monsters you want to associate with. So, what do you (un)live for? That’s for you to decide. Chose wisely.

Saint Paul Stories

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